GNSS Simulator

GNSS simulators are very effective and efficient that are used to test the frequency of the GNSS receivers. They provide a superior alternative for testing, compared to using actual GNSS in the space. GNSS simulators are not like other testing simulators in the market¸ but they are highly used to con the simulated satellite signals and the simulated environmental conditions. With the help of a GNSS Simulator, you can simply generate digital signals.

How A GNSS Simulator Works?

A GNSS simulator emulates the signals in the space that are generated by the GNSS receiver. These signals can be powerful to run on a dynamic platform by modelling vehicle and satellite motion. And they can also cause the receiver to actually navigate according to the parameters of the test scenario.

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We have the finest simulators that effectively generate the same RF signals. The signals captured by the simulators are broadcast by navigation satellites to test any device or system with a GPS receiver.

They are more powerful and accurate. Along with that, the simulators are affordable and easy to use due to the smart user interface. And the best part, our GNSS simulators are very portable and lightweight.