Closed-loop fiber optic gyroscopes

Key Features

  • + Small package size, high stability and more resistance to interferece
  • + Designed and tested to safety standards
  • + Bandwidth to 500Hz
  • + Asynchronous RS-422 protocol
  • + Excellent shock, vibration, and thermal performance

Compact and Innovative Package

GS-FOG50A is a complete gyro system which comprises a fiber optic sensing assembly and analog processing electronics. The series features ultra-compact lightweight design combined with super shock and vibration immunity. It has been designed from the ground up for mission critical control applications where reliability is very important. The hardware is protected from reverse polarity, overvoltage, surges, static and short circuits on all external interfaces.

Suitable for Demanding Applications

GS-FOG50A is a small, lightweight, high performance closed loop fiber optic gyro, suited for stabilization and positioning systems for such platforms as high-speed gimbals, antennas, laser pointing, high-definition cameras, and other optical and sensor systems requiring high-performance motion-sensing and control.