Adopts quartz accelerometers & gyroscopes

Key Features

  • + High bandwidth, large range, low power consumption & small volume
  • + Shortly response time, the data updating rate is up to 4k Hz
  • + Embedded ARM processor, navigation algorithm is customizable
  • + Set as vertical gyro mode, providing high precision horizontal attitude and heave measurement

High performance inertial equipment

IMU1000 vertical gyroscope is a high performance and low-cost inertial equipment, for measurement of attitude parameters (roll & pitch), angular rate and acceleration of dynamic carrier. Its attitude and angular bias are optimized via a six-state Kalman filter with adaptable gain, so as to make it good for dynamic measurement in navigation and positioning applications.

High precision FOG

IMU1000 adopts high reliability quartz accelerometer and high precision FOG to build its high performance strap down inertial architecture. Meanwhile, its rugged- design and strict production process safeguard the precise measurement of angular velocity, acceleration, attitude and other dynamic parameters of the carrier under harsh environment.