GS300 GNSS Receiver

High accuracy & High dynamics receiver

The GS300 OEM boards is Gran Stal’s latest generation receiver powered by the most advanced algorithms for robust and accurate positioning.

Key Features

  • + 100 channels for tracking signals from GPS- L1, GLONASS-L1, BeiDou2-B1
  • + Precise and excellent dynamic performance
  • + Good dynamic performance
  • + Gran Stal GNSS algorithms for robust industrial performance

Consistently accurate now and into the future

GS300 GNSS receiver is a high kinematic satellite navigation receiver, the GNSS receiver with GPS, GLONASS, BD2-B1 three single positioning system model and GPS / GLONASS, and GPS/GLONASS/BD2-B1 GPS/BD2-B1 three combination positioning mode.

Excellent performance

GS300 GNSS receiver positioning accuracy is high, satellite quick capture and recapture a short time, good dynamic performance. This type of the receiver can be widely used in various types of missile, rocket, UAV guidance control applications.