GSD400 GNSS Receiver

RTK accuracy & High dynamics receiver

The GSD400 OEM boards is Gran Stal’s latest generation receiver powered by the most advanced algorithms for robust and accurate positioning.

Key Features

  • + 136 channels for tracking signals from GPS, BeiDou, support single BD GNSS positioning and multi-system joint positioning
  • + Centimetre-level (RTK) and sub decimetre- level position accuracy
  • + Support dynamic base station, used for two- dimensional orientation, three-dimensional attitude measurement
  • + Long-range RTK baselines of up to 30 km

Accuracy scaleable to a centimetre

Gran Stal’s knowledge and experience in the GNSS industry ensures that the GSD400 offers you the highest possible accuracy, scaleable to a centimeter. The GSD400 GNSS receiver using the GPS dual-band, Beidou dual-band, two systems for joint positioning, with ultra-long distance RTK solution engine, adapt to harsher, long distance environment.

Excellent performance

Intelligent dynamic sensitivity signal tracking technology & highly reliable carrier tracking technology, greatly improving the carrier accuracy, to provide users with high-quality original observations.It supports current and planned signals as they become available – guaranteeing you reliable and accurate GNSS positioning now and into the future.